From the streets of Mexico City to a street near you.

The Taco Revolution is here! Tacos once found only under a hot Mexican sun can now be enjoyed along the gorgeous shores of Vancouver Island; from Victoria to Nanaimo and beyond. Tacos so good you will want them everyday, and that's okay, it's okay to eat tacos everyday.

Everything we serve is handmade from scratch...

in house with a passion and dedication to deliciousness and authenticity. It is our mission to deliver the exact same taco you would find on a street in Mexico City. To do this, we decided to mount a donair spit into our truck in order to deliver the unbeatable Taco's al Pastor; a taco that will stop you in your tracks as every ounce of you will be dedicated to tasting the delicious combination of flavours.

Every taco we serve, from the Chorizo Vegetariano con Papas to the Tasty Tasty Fish Taco to the Chicken Tinga are all pulled directly from Mexico City taco culture. We have dared to bring those flavours north and share them with you. It is time to taste a taco as it was meant to be, it is time for a true north Taco Revolution!

Flavours of the Revolution

Tacos al Pastor

The King of the Mexico City street taco: Pork loin cut thin and slowly marinated with Guajillo and Ancho peppers, Achiote paste and a slew of herbs and spices; cooked on a vertical spit and served with roasted Pineapple, onion and fresh cilantro and salsa.

Tasty Tasty Fish Taco

Cod lovingly marinated in lime and spices then seared up on grill. Placed on a tortilla along with fresh cabbage, crema, fresh cilantro and chipotle.

Chorizo Vegetariano con Papas

Tofu and lentil mix marinated in authentic mexican chorizo spices. Served with potato. Finished with fresh cilantro, diced onion and salsa.

Chicken Tinga

Pulled chicken breast allowed to simmer along with tomato, chipotle, onion and garlic. Topped with lettuce, feta cheese, and crema.

Cochinita Pibil

Hand pulled pork, cooked in mexican-spiced marinade. Served with pickled red onion and fresh cilantro.

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